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Q. What are your hours of operation?  

A. Phantom City Studio is open Monday - Saturday from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm. by appointment only.  

Q. Do I have to make an appointment?

A. Yes. Phantom City Studio is by appointment only. All sessions are private. When you book with Phantom City Studio
the entire studio is focused around your needs.

Q. Do you record Voice Overs?

A. Absolutely.  We provide professional voice-over recording, editing, mixing and mastering services at competitive
rates. Our work includes voice narration for radio & TV commercials, commercial voiceover, narration voiceover,
cartoon voiceover, video games, voice over demos, voice over workshops, voice over training, voice over coaching,
audio books, radio shows, ADR for film, narration, documentaries & indie feature films, DVD audio commentaries,
web and flash audio.

Q. How long will It take to Record One Song?

A. This is a difficult question to answer and depends a lot on different variables including, how long is the song?,
how rehearsed is the song?, are you bringing your own background music?, how many overdubs?, adlibs, punch
ins, effects, etc.  Every "One Song" scenario is unique in it's own way.  For instance, is there a band involved?  Is it
just a voice demo?  If it is a voice demo (Rap Could Fit Into This Category) are you supplying a stereo file of the
instrumental, or will we be mixing this as well?  All of these situations will, in part, dictate "How Long It Could
Take".   And last but Not least, how prepared for the recording are you?   How quickly do you work?  As you can see,
this is a question that can Not be fully answered.  All artists should plan for a longer, rather than a shorter session
just to be safe.

Q. How can I submit my demo?

A. Please go to  http://www.phantomcitystudio.com/Demos

Q. Is Phantom City Studio looking to sign new artist?

A. Yes. For details, please see our Demo Submission page.

Q. How do I get signed to a Record Label?

A.  Please see How to get a record deal?  


A. We work with music of all genres. If you have a clear idea of what musical direction you want to take, send us an
email or give us a call and find out how Phantom City Studio in Orlando, Florida can help you.


A. Absolutely. We can help you find the perfect songs to fit your sound and guide you through the necessary steps to
legally make a recording of a song written by someone else.

Q. What type of equipment does Phantom City Studio use?

A. SSL, 24-Ch Trident Series Console ATB, Reel to Reel, Analog, Digital, Digidesign, Pro Tools, Vintage, Reason, Auto
Tune, Melodyne, Apogee, Rosetta 800, Sound Forge, Neumann, SSL 4000, Focusrite, McDsp, Neve, Bomb Factory,
Korg, Universal Audio, Wavelab, Avalon, PLUG-INS, Waves Platinum Bundle, SSL Channel Strip, EQ, Mix Buss
Compressor, Mc Dsp Analog Channel, Filter Bank, Compressor Bank, Echo Farm, Sony Oxford GML EQ, Inflator,
Focusrite, Drawmer, Pultec, Sonnox, Cranesong, TC Electronic, Filter Freak, Eventide, Amp Farm, Toft ATB 24,
Mackie HR824, Yamaha NS10...

Q. Can I send audio files via the internet or by mail to have it mixed and mastered?

A. Phantom City Studio's online service offers artists, producers and record labels an easy way to get their music
mastered via internet or by mail. Just send us your music online - and within hours you will receive a mixed or
mastered version.
Click Here to Learn more Information about Phantom City Studio's Internet Service.

Q. Can I take a tour of the studio?

A. Unfortunately tours of our studio are currently unavailable due to high volumes of frequent tour requests.  We
offer private sessions to all of our artists and are proud to say that your session will not be interrupted by someone
wanting a tour.  For samples of our sound quality, please visit our samples page.  Our friendly staff is happy to
answer any questions you may have about Phantom City Studio.

Q. What if I need more time than I was scheduled for? Can I get more time if I need it?

A. Yes. If the time is available, its yours!  Please let us know in advance if you might need additional time.  This helps
ensure availability of additional time.  

Q. What are your Rates / Prices?    

A. Please call 407-876-9130 for rates. You may record, edit, and mix your project as much as you please during your
session time.  "Session time" equals the amount of time you spend at the studio.  Phantom City Studio has special
packages and 8 hour block rates as well.

Q. What is included in the Studio Rate?

A. The studio rate includes a Certified Engineer, Recording, Master Mix, Sound Editing, Sound Effects, Vocal Booth,
and one Audio Cd. The studio rate may also be referred to as a session time.

  1. "Session time" equals the amount of time you spend at the studio.
  2. During your session time you may record any type of audio such as music, vocals, instruments, karaoke,
    voice-overs, podcasts, spoken word, acapella, choir, audio books, etc...
  3. During your session time you may have your audio mixed and edited for optimum sound quality

Q. Can I split an 8 Hour Block Rate?

A. Yes. All 8 Hour blocks can be split into Two 4 hour blocks. (8 hour blocks must be completed within 30 days).

Q. How do I book a session?

A. Please contact us to schedule a session (407)-876-9130. Sessions generally book 1-2 weeks in advance. It is also
possible to get in on short notice. Feel free to call at any time to check for availability.

Q. Do I have to make a deposit?

A. Yes. Recording Studio's operate by reserving time to recording artists and musicians.  In order to reserve time at
Phantom City  Studios, you must make a deposit in advance of the session, to show that you are serious and that
you will show up for the session in a timely manner.  If it becomes necessary to cancel a session, and if notice is
given at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session, the deposit can be used towards rescheduling a new
session.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.  No shows and cancellations within the 48 hour time frame will result in a
loss of the deposit.  
Click here to Make a Deposit.

Q. Can I leave Phantom City Studio while my recording is being edited, mixed, mastered...etc?

A. Yes, however this will not reduce your session price.  The amount of time spent on (editing, mixing, mastering...
etc) will be added to your final session price.  We strongly recommend that you are present at all times.

Q. Does Phantom City Studio record Karaoke?

A. Yes. At Phantom City Studio we record high quality professional sounding karaoke.  Our certified engineers can
edit your vocals word by word. You can stop recording and continue where you left off. Copy words or phrases from
one section and paste them to another section.  Now your karaoke songs can sound like the original artist
recording.  Amaze your friends and family with high definition, recording studio quality, professional sounding
Click here for more information.

Q. Does Phantom City Studio record Voice-Overs?

A. Yes. At Phantom City Studio we record high quality professional voice overs.  We have recorded hundreds of
voice overs for TV, Radio, Video Games, Demos, Commercials, Movie Trailers, and more.  We have dozens of scripts
for you to choose from.  Our trained engineer will even serve as your voice coach throughout your session.
Click here for more information

Q. Can Phantom City Studio provide a phone patch?

A. Yes. Phantom City Studio has the industry standard "Telos One" phone patch system.  

Telos ONE models  present superb digital telephone hybrid performance for voice-over, broadcast,
teleconferencing, and communications applications. Proven Telos processing technologies perform all hybrid
functions, gain control, and filtering completely in the digital domain.

Fast, precise automatic digital nulling allows smooth, natural, simultaneous conversation without the usual
speakerphone up-cutting effect, voice distortion, and level matching problems often experienced with other hybrid-
type interface devices.

Q. Does Phantom City Studio record Audio Books?

A. Yes. Phantom City Studio has years of experience in recording audio books.  We have recorded over 300 audio
books covering many topics such as spirituality, love, money, hobbies, self-help, poetry, stories, interviews, and
many more.

Q. Will I receive a professionally recorded Cd immediately after my session?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I pay cash?

A. Yes

Q. Do you accept checks or money orders?

A. No

Q. Can I pay by credit card?

A. Yes

Q. Can I pay over the Internet?

A. Yes. To pay over the Internet click here.

Q. I am a solo artist and do not have a band can Phantom City Studio help me?

A. If you need musicians we can provide them for an additional fee. The price of studio musicians depend on
experience and amount of musicians needed.  

Q. Does the final editing and mastering of the CD count as additional time that would need to be paid for, or is the 60
minute time frame vocal time only?

You may record, edit, and mix your project as much as you please during your session time.  "Session time" equals
the amount of time you spend at the studio.  

Q. I read on your website that you can remove vocals. Does that mean I can bring in any CD that I have and record my
own vocals on that CD?

Phantom City Studio can recreate most songs from bits and pieces of audio that have no vocals present. Depending
on the popularity of the song we might have the version without the vocals in our extensive studio library songs.

Q. Do I have to be a "professional" artist to record at Phantom City Studio?

A. No. Every level of music expertise is welcomed at Phantom City Studio.  There are many levels of service to
choose from when deciding to schedule a recording session at Phantom City Studio. Our friendly staff is ready to
assist with deciding what is right for you.

Q. Do I need to provide my own background music?

A. No. If needed, Phantom City Studio can provide background music for your project. Our engineers/producers are
available to assist with making original background music for your project.

Q. What type of music can I record at Phantom City Studio?

A. We have different engineers for different projects.  Your engineer will be matched with you according to the style
of music and nature of your project.  

Q. After I finish recording, do you keep the recordings or delete them?

A. We have developed our own high-demand file and backup organizational system. Every clients project is stored
for up to one month unless otherwise specified. If you ever want to do edits, need files for the deal you have been
waiting for, or decide to work in your own studio, all of your files will always be available in any format you need
them in.

Q. Do I have to make a deposit?

A. YES. Deposits ensure that your spot will not be taken by someone who would like to make a deposit on your time.  
All deposits must be made by 10:00pm on they you call to book.   
Once your deposit is made your appointment will be confirmed.

Q. What program do you use to record?

A. We are currently running the latest version of the industry-standard award-winning Pro Tools Software.  

Q. What is Pro Tools?

A. Pro Tools is the world's most popular computer-based digital music production system. The combination of Pro
Tools software and related hardware delivers unprecedented recording, editing, mixing, and mastering power.  
More Info.

Q. What's this mixing and mastering business all about?

A. Mixing is an integral part of the recording process and can distinguish a professional song from the amateurs.
Mixing a track consists of making sure all elements do not interfere with each other, proper space & frequency
balance, creative positioning, and detailed seasoning to uniquely identify the track. Most importantly the mix must
create a massive impact when the song is first heard without one thought of technical details.
Click here for more information about mixing.

Mastering includes a number of processes that give a CD a professional finish. The time interval between tracks is
properly set, all tracks are set to play at equal volume, tracks are 'topped and tailed'. Sound quality can also be
enhanced if required, the P and Q sub-codes necessary to meet the CD standard are inserted.
Click here for more information about mastering.

Q. Do you master at Phantom City Studio? When do I get my Master CD?

A. Yes. Phantom City Studio specializes in audio mastering.  When you choose to master your CD at Phantom City
Studio, you will receive your Master Copy as soon as the mastering process is completed.
Click here for more information.

Q. What should I do before I come to the Studio?

A. Rehearse!!! Be sure you know the pieces you are going to record inside out. If you are just recording vocals, have
an idea of the arrangement, harmonies, and backup vocals for each song. Only the very experienced can improvise
and produce the goods when the record light goes on. Not knowing your part may result in wasted time (and money)
and your colleagues won't appreciate it either. If you are bringing music to record vocals over or your own
instruments, make sure all data disks and equipment works properly before arriving.

Q. Are there any extra hidden costs?

A. No. Our prices are simple and straight-forward including a certified engineer and one CD. Additional CD copies,
session musicians, vocal coaches, producers, session time, and other services can also be purchased.

Q Where should I send my demo?

A. Send your demos to Phantom City Studio! demos@PhantomCityStudio.com

You can also leave us a copy of the demo you previously recorded at our recording studio.  Phantom City Studio
periodically sends demos to Record Labels such as Sony, Virgin, EMI, Columbia, Universal, and several others.

Phantom City Studio is not responsible for any lost or damaged demos, items, etc. Phantom City Studio will not
return any demos, items, etc. Please be sure to include your contact info. Check your CDs/DVDs/Vhs tapes/ demo/
etc to make sure they work and package them so they don't break in the mail. Phantom City Studio receives tons of
demos every week. Please understand that we are very busy with other work and cannot reply to every band or
artist that sends a demo.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Q. Does Phantom City Studio duplicate and package CD's and Dvd's? What is the minimum order?

A. Yes. Phantom City Studio provides duplication as well as packaging and photography options. There is no
minimum purchase required. Please call for a price quote. Visit our Cd/Dvd - Duplication/Replication Packaging Page.

Q. Should I record on Analog or Digital or both?

A. This topic is still subject to a great debate by many musicians and engineers. A majority of artists prefer to use all
digital recording/editing/mixing here at Phantom City Studio for various reasons. Mainly due to the sound quality,
economics, and availability of options in the digital format. However, there are some benefits to using analog for
tracking your mixes and then transferring them into digital for editing and mixing. There is a definite character of
analog tape, of which warmth and punch are two common reasons analog still exists. Analog sound can be
achieved in digital formats as well without the time consuming Reel to Reel setup and tracking.

Analog and Digital both offer Pros and Cons. It is not recommend to edit and mix in analog due to the tremendous
options and ease in digital. However tracking in analog and then transferring to digital is a good technique that has
been used with great success. Imagine digital as a PURE, CLEAN, recording device. What goes in comes out, there
is nothing added nor subtracted to the input sound source. Analog is like a filter that is applied over all the music,
adding warmth and punch with a certain 'feel' that would not be there in digital. Analog has a noise to it that needs to
be cleaned up and reduced in mixing, as well as the dynamic range and high end may not be as high as digital.
Analog takes much longer to track than digital due to the format. If you plan on tracking with analog you should plan
on investing more money into your recording budget. Time wise plan on adding roughly a quarter to the total time of
recording. And a few hours for the transfer into digital. Also, remember analog tape is around $70.00 a Reel for 17
minutes at 30 IPS. This is a reason why many artists choose digital. A full album could easily take up over $400.00 in
Reel to Reel tape. Feel free to ask any questions about Digital and Analog.

Q. What is a Master Mix?

A. A master mix is not the same as getting a song mastered.  A master mix means getting a "mix" to sound as loud
as mastered version without distortion.  Believe it or not, many people cannot tell the difference between a master
mix and a song that has been professionally mastered.  The master mix is included in your recording session FREE
of charge! Just remember to ask your engineer to include it in your session file.

Q. What are  Plug-ins?

A. Pro tools  plug-ins offer a wide variety of professional, real-time, and file-based effects and studio utilities that are
ideal for bringing your mixes alive.  Please click on this link for more information about plug-ins.

Q. Is it illegal to record someone else's song?

A: No.  It is not illegal to record someone else's song for a demo. You are allowed to record someone else's song as
long as you Do Not try to sell it for a profit.

Q. How do I protect my songs and copyright them???

A. The Library of Congress has a very well informative web site that issues all copyrighting questions and concerns,
you can also print out whatever forms you will need and mail them a check with the finished CD.

Q. What are the benefits of recording vocals as a 'scratch or guide track' and adding the final vocals later?

A. This is a tried and true technique that many studios and producers have been using for decades with
considerable success. For example when a group ensemble comes into the studio to record, a band that has a
guitar, bass, drummer and lead singer, with occasional background vocals, this is how this technique would work.
The group would all be setup to record together but final vocals would not be recorded along with the basic tracks,
only a guide vocal so that the band can follow along and all know their places. After all the instruments are complete
the singer can concentrate solely on the vocals without worrying about messing up along with the basic tracks, and
can even take a line of the song at a time, or do alternate vocal takes, picking the best or mixing and matching takes
together to form one composite track. Those are the performance benefits of this, on the technical end you will
achieve a much higher quality vocal recording. The vocals will be isolated from any instrument bleed and the high
quality microphones will be able to pick up all nuances in the voice. Also the singer will hear a more finished
recording instead of a rough tracking mix. This can inspire the singer to achieve a greater performance because
they are singing against more of a finished product. Backing vocals can be added against the lead vocal separately,
to ensure that all phrasing and pitch is correct with the lead vocal, this is very hard to do in a all live situation.

Q. What is a .Wav file?

A. When sound is recorded, it is represented electronically as waves. In order to store this sound on your computer,
these waves must be converted to a digital format. This is done by 'sampling' the waves many times per second.
The data from this wave sampling is stored in your computer as a .wav file.  We prefer to work with .wav rather than
mp3 whenever possible.

Q. What is MP3?

A. MP3, or MPEG layer 3, has become a popular format for reducing the size of audio files. Most of the music
available for download off the internet is found in this format. The reduction in file size is accomplished partly by
compression, elimination of inaudible data, and the encoding duplicate data. The result is an audio file that sounds
the same, but is not identical to the original. MP3 can be encoded at different bitrates, measured in kilobits per
second (kbps). Music encoded at either 128 or 160 kbps will generally be of good quality, but for the purpose of
burning a CD, the original .wav or CD-DA is preferable.  

What's an engineer?

A. In general terms: An engineer is someone that knows how to operate the recording equipment in the studio, get
sounds and accommodate the requests of the artist or producer. One would hire an engineer based on a
recommendation from the studio, work they've done before and their familiarity with the studio being used.  

Q. Can I bring my own engineer?

A. Certainly, however, the complexity of the equipment dictates that we must also be on hand to assist. Therefore,
bringing your own engineer does not reduce the cost of the session.  

Q. Can Phantom City Studio mix tracks I've recorded elsewhere (HOME, GARAGE, ANOTHER STUDIO)?  

A. Absolutely. Through the power of the Internet, you can be located anywhere in the world and still have access to
our state-of-the-art facility and processing. You can record tracks anywhere and upload them to our website.
Contact us for instructions on how to do that. We accept tracks as ProTools sessions or as industry-standard WAV
files. Just make sure they are at least CD quality (recorded at 44.1 kHz, 16 bits per sample). If you don't understand
what that means, contact us by email or phone and we'll explain to you in plain English how to get the tracks to us
for mixing.

Q. What makes Phantom City Studio different?  

A. A focus on quality coupled with low rates make this studio unique. Our engineers are trained in both sound
engineering and musicianship, to help your final product be both technically correct and musical. Quality equipment,
state-of-the-art processing techniques and highly-trained professionals ensure the product will be something you
can be proud of.

Q. What kinds of processing can you do?  

A. We do many kinds of processing to help make your music shine. During the mixing process, we can apply
standard processing algorithms like EQ and compression to give tracks the sonic character, punch, and presence
that it needs to stand out from the crowd. Rhythmic flaws can often be adjusted through careful editing. Pitch-
correction can help salvage an amazing take with a few flat notes, or make sure every note is in tune. Once the
tracks are done, mastering helps add a final finished touch to the whole project, make the tracks sound like they are
part of a cohesive album, and bring up volume levels to be on par with the music you hear on the radio.

Q. What type of Plugins does Phantom City Studio have?

A. We have the latest up to date collection of plugins.

Q. What software/platform does Phantom City Studio use for recording, mixing, and mastering?  

A. We use industry-standard ProTools software, used by top-notch studios all over the globe.  

Q. Is Phantom City Studio near any major tourist attractions in Orlando, Florida?  

A. Phantom City Studio is in Orlando, Florida near Disney World, Universal Studios, Downtown Disney, Hard Rock
Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando International Airport, Downtown Orlando, Sea World, UCF, International
Drive, Florida Mall, Mall at Millenia, Orange Blossom Trail, Dr. Phillips, Lake Buena Vista, Wet N Wild, Winter Park,
Windemere, Isleworth, Orlando Convention Center, Universal CityWalk, Kissimmee, I-4, US Hwy 192, Sand Lake, Old
Town, Prime Outlets, Premium Outlets, any many more of Orlando, Florida's top major attractions and restaurants.  
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